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We offer same day diplomas, same day GED and transcripts, as well as: PDF of diploma, high school diploma GED by email.


We maintain strict guidelines of our service,and the service of the high school's in our network. One example, is: All High Schools in our employ, must print diploma's using state of the art techniques, such as raised ink, they also must impress/emboss the diploma - which can be see on both front and back.  The High school information on the transcripts must include High School address and phone number.  All graduate high school packages are shipped within 48 hours, and must be delivered within five days of payment received. Same day diploma and transcripts, and same day GED option must be available.

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What's included in my high school graduate package?

High school diploma, GED graduate packages all contain:

  • Welcome letters from Principal and Registrar
  • Professional High School PVC ID Card
  • Two Verification letters
  • Three official Transcripts signed, embossed, QR code, on official anti-copy paper.
  • Your Diploma or GED with embossed gold seal, raised ink printing.
  • Award of Academic Excellence
  • Professional Document Folder
  • Gold Engraved Padded Leatherette Diploma GED folder
  • Free Shipping with Tracking Number
  • Verification Services

How fast can I get my High School Diploma or GED?

Same Day Diploma's, Same day GED. The fastest is within 24 hours, to 3 days. Expedited order processing is available, as well as express shipping with tracking.  We also have available same day high school diploma, same day GED, including transcripts. With this service, you receive PDFs of your documents via email, your order is also shipped right away. Besides Rush Option. high school diploma, ged packages are shipped within 48 hours, and you can expect delivery within 5 days of placing your order and payment.

Will my high school diploma, GED be acceptable?

Many individuals and facilities realize the importance and value of ambition and experience. Many Employers know there is no substitute for years of on-the-*job training, technical skills, and any person who is, or wishes to become "an expert in their field." For this, and so many other reasons,  high school diplomas, GED, are becoming more accepted. Same Day Next Day Quick Diplomas has been meeting the needs of people, just like you, for years, providing the link, which can solidify a good foundation for your future endeavors. Same Next Day Diploma Certificate GED.

FAQ. We hope your question has been answered by our FAQ, if not, please communicate with us via the info above. We love helping people like you attain their goals and satisfaction. FAQ regarding same day diplomas and next day GED cheap covers the most common questions we receive including speed of delivery for diploma, certificate, 24 hours, days, fast GED online..

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