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Diploma Choices
Choose your fast high school diploma

Choose a Diploma, GED, or Homeschool

More High School Diploma Choices than anyone

Four Easy Steps to Get your Fast Diploma

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Use our simple form and provide information.

Choices of Diplomas and Certificates

[2] Select Desired Diploma

High School, GED, Homeschool Diploma, and More.

Choose your High School, or we can help you with selections.

[3] What High School?

[4] Your Graduate Package

Receive Digital copies for approval, and your high school graduate package is shipped.

Which Diploma, or GED  Suits you Best?

Life Experience High School Diploma

Experience Based

If you're eighteen years of age, or older, you can enroll, and receive a high school diploma from one of our network high schools. Professional quality, official transcripts and much more.

Buy a Fake High School Diploma Online


Are you looking for a particular high school? Did your high school close, or have lost or damaged documents? Our specialists can replicate any diploma and transcripts. You will get to see proofs to check for accuracy.

Home School Diploma Purchase

Homeschool Diplomas

Have you learn at home, or a church-based facility? We offer Homeschool Diplomas for any name you wish as a title, Bible-based education diplomas and transcripts, and online, self paced learning.

GED Certificate Award


GED, or, General Equivalency Diploma, can be bought online. Purchase your GED certificate with all details followed. We also have general equivalence transcripts, letters of recommendation and more.


Seward Park High School, Closed in 2007

Penn Foster High School

Excel High School (Online)

Provident High School

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