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Diploma-Questions and Answers

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  • What's included in my high school graduate package?
    You can choose "Diploma Only" "Transcripts Only," or the "Pro-Package." Diploma or transcripts only package, will contain only the items you purchase. The Pro-Graduate Package contains. Welcome letters from Principal and Registrar Professional High School PVC ID Card (your photo if provided) Letter of Verification/Recommendation Two official Transcripts signed, embossed, QR code, on official anti-copy paper. One official Sealed Transcript, in High School Envelope, embossed. Your Diploma or GED with embossed gold seal, raised ink printing. Award of Academic Excellence Professional Document Folder Gold Engraved Padded Leatherette degree folder, imprinted with your name, and school name. Free Shipping with Tracking Number
  • How fast can I get my High School Diploma or GED?
    Same Day Diploma's, the fastest is the same day, or, within 48 hours. Expedited order processing is available, as well as express shipping with tracking. We also have available same day high school diploma, same day GED, including transcripts. With this service, you receive digital copies of your documents via email, your order is also shipped right away. Besides Rush Option. high school diploma, ged packages are shipped within 24 hours, and you can expect delivery within 2-3 days of placing your order and payment.
  • What Products, Exactly, do you offer?
    Fast High School Diploma, has something for everyone. We offer: A High School, exclusive to us, offered on the basis of life experience. High School Diploma replication. Any School, anywhere can be reproduced. Lost or damaged document recreation services. Closed School, we have this too. High School Transcripts GED (General Equivalency Diploma) GED Transcripts Home School Diploma Same day Diploma Service
  • Is This High School Diploma Program for You?
    Multitudes of successful individuals, remark that having their same day high school diploma has changed their life. They report that friends, family and colleagues have greater professional and personal respect for them. Some testify to substantially higher earnings which may be from an increased self esteem, or the sense of self accomplishment. If these benefits appeal to you then the answer is likely yes. We offer a prime opportunity for those whom do not have the time to invest in years of traditional classrooms, or are at a point in their life when classwork are simply no longer a feasible option. With such busy lifestyles, it's no wonder online searches, such as, where to buy a high school diploma, is so popular.
  • What Kind of Quality Should I Expect?
    We're glad you asked. Most of us have seen, and reveled at the feel of a real high school diploma. You can expect the same with any of our products. We cut no corners, and follow details to exacting standards. Below are features we're sure will exceed your expectations. Many of these features, you can only get here. Raised ink same day diploma (a difference you can feel). Embossed Seal. Gold, or multi-colored heat foiling technology. Gold or Silver imprinted diploma cover Transcripts printed on security paper, signed and embossed.
  • Do You Ship High School Diploma's Internationally?
    Yes. We ship via FEDEX, and UPS, international high school diploma's and transcripts. We dispatch to nearly every country in the world.
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